Cross-border online transactions , easy money collection
Overseas merchants/consumers shop on domestic shopping online malls and use IPSHK cross-border e-payment to complete the payment. Our cooperative banks will collect the payment on your behalf and settle to your local bank account.
Worldwide sale, local product promotion
In the past, the need for worldwide merchandise had been set back by the insufficiency of cross-border payment collection. Nowadays, this can be easily achieved by applying IPSHK cross-border e-payment services, a safe and efficient payment collection tool.
Direct overseas sale, simple and easy
No need for any overseas business licensing or certification application, all you need is to set up your international shopping website and we will help you gain maximum profit with minimum cost.
Pricing and paid in same currency, no exchange lose
If your products are priced in RMB or HKD, we could make settlement to you in RMB or HKD respectively. Keep your profit from exchange risk.
Completed cash and information flow service
IPSHK cross-border e-payment provides you thorough merchant service. We has partnered with experienced logistics and distribution companies, providing you quality service and competitive prices.
Clear back-end system management, information transparency
IPSHK cross-border e-payment dedicated tailor-made merchant back-end system to facilitate your businesses for real-time information enquiries.
Multilingual customer service
IPSHK cross-border e-payment provides directly customer service lines, assisting existing merchants with solution management, back-end system operation and so on.
We serve
  • Local registered companies, SMEs and business organizations
  • Established shopping sites with need for cross-border payment collection.
  • Goods / services suitable for worldwide sales compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

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