Frequently Asked Questions


+ Who can apply for IPS Hong Kong payment services?

We accept applications from any businesses, organizations and charitable bodies registered in Hong Kong or other countries


+ Which merchant should need IPS Hong Kong:

- Merchants with online business demand
- Merchants targeting world-wide business opportunities
- Merchants searching for one-stop payment gateway   services


+ What services IPS Hong Kong will offer?

- Multi-currency payment processing
- European and Asian debit card payment service
- Prepaid CUP card
- International credit card payment service


+ What are the benefits of using IPS Hong Kong payment services?

Our payment acceptance service is comprehensive, secure, easy-to-implement, convenient, efficient and economical. Here are just a few benefits for IPS Hong Kong merchants:

  • Simple and Easy: a simple application process opens up the door to our one-stop payment gateway AND merchant account service. Implementation effort is minimal with no extra hardware or software required. IPSHK have a user-friendly administrator system to receive updated company news, check transaction record, settlement record and operate your own account
  • Flexible: merchants can accept CUP,VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club and American Express Card payments from all customers.
  • Secure: state-of-the-art security measures are present, together with the optional merchant protection plan to best safeguard merchants from fraud losses.
  • Cost-efficient: we offer payment services with competitive set-up costs, monthly fees and merchant discount rates.
  • Value-added Services: in addition to payment processing, IPS Hong Kong also offers added value services like MOTOPay, DCPay etc to enhance merchant operations.

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